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A Manhattan condominium owned by a financially troubled Italian film producer was sold in a foreclosure auction for $33.2 million, the highest price paid for Manhattan apartment this year and a sign that New York real estate prices are stabilizing。


A Chinese businessman who was not identified purchased the 5,500-square-foot apartment with 20-foot ceilings and views of Central Park that had been owned by Vittorio Cecchi Gori, the producer of more than 200 films including ‘Il Postino’ and ‘Life is Beautiful.’ The new buyer paid the lofty price of more than $6,000 a square foot even though the apartment was in ruins after being gutted by Mr. Cecchi Gori for a renovation. The sale closed on Monday。

一位没表露身份的中国商人买下了这套面积5,500平方英尺、层高20英尺的公寓。这套公寓还可纵览纽约曼哈顿中央公园的景色。其原主人切奇-高里 (Vittorio Cecchi Gori)是200多部影片的制片人,包括《邮差》(Il Postino)和《漂亮生活》(Life is Beautiful)等经典影片。虽然公寓因切奇-高里进行的装修而一片混乱,买主还是支付了每平方英尺逾6,000USD的高价。买卖于周一完成。

The price in the current deal underscores signs of recovery in luxury housing in Manhattan in the last few months, after an extended period of sluggish sales and falling prices. It followed a series of high closing prices on other luxury cooperatives and condominiums last December。


Last June, when sales in the Manhattan market were still largely stalled, a Russian businessman agreed to pay $18 million for the apartment, in Trump International Hotel and Tower. But that deal fell apart。


Interest in the Cecchi Gori condo has been intense. After the deal with the Russian businessman collapsed, four buyers stepped forward late last year and made offers at or above $18 million, according to Howard Margolis, the broker at Prudential Douglas Elliman who worked on the sale for the last year. That led to a formal auction, which was held in January and continued for five hours and 35 rounds of bidding between two of the bidders, brokers said。

这套公寓吸引了海量注意。普天寿房产公司(Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate) 的经纪马格里斯(Howard Margolis)说,与俄罗斯商人的买卖失败后,去年年底又有四名用户出现,出价在1,800万USD或更高。由此产生了一场正式的拍卖,在1月份举行,两名竞拍者经过了五个小时、35轮叫价才尘埃落定。

The winning bid of $33.2 million was made by a limited liability company, listed in care of Rothschild Bank & Trust in Zurich. But brokers in the building said the actual buyer was a Chinese businessman involved in manufacturing。

叫出3,320万USD胜出推广竞价的是一家有限责任公司,挂在苏黎世的Rothschild Bank & Trust名下。不过大厦的经纪人说真的的用户是一名从事制造业的中国商人。

Mr. Cecchi Gori’s financial troubles predate the latest recession, and involve complicated allegations of a bankruptcy fraud in Italy that date back years, and that put him in jail for a time。


Niels Juul, the temporary chief executive of Mr. Checchi Gori’s Los Angeles production company, Checchi Gori Pictures, said the film producer expected to be completely vindicated by the Italian courts, and was currently involved in several film productions。

在切奇-高里坐落于洛杉矶的电影制作公司Checchi Gori Pictures加盟首席实行长的Niels Juul说,切奇-高里有望在乎大利法院彻底平反,现在正参与几部影片的制作。

Court records show that Mr. Cecchi Gori eventually fell behind on a $28 million debt to Fortress Investment Group. The loan was secured by three houses, in New York, London and Los Angeles, each of which has now been sold. Mr. Juul said that with the higher sale price on the New York apartment, Mr. Cecchi Gori expected eventually to receive some of the proceeds of the auction。

法庭记录显示,切奇-高里最后拖欠了Fortress Investment Group的2,800万USD债务。这笔贷款以分别坐落于纽约、伦敦和洛杉矶的三套房地产为抵押,现在这三处房地产均已售出。Juul说,因为纽约这套公寓的价格较高,切奇-高里预计最后将获得拍卖所得的部分款项。

The apartment, which Mr. Cecchi Gori bought in 1997 for $10.4 million, also was owned at one point by developer Donald Trump, who paid $5 million for it in 1997. But after Mr. Trump separated from his then-wife, Marla Maples, he listed the apartment for rent at the then-astronomical sum of $100,000 a month. Mr. Cecchi Gori bought it few months later。

切奇-高里于1997年以1,040万USD购 得这套公寓。在那之前它一度还为开发商特朗普(Donald Trump)所有,后者在1997年以500万USD买下。不过在特朗普与当时的老婆梅波斯(Marla Maples)离结婚以后就以当时每月10万USD的天价将房屋租了出去,切奇-高里在几个月后买下了它。

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